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Support for Technology Businesses

Technology and technical service businesses can create enormous value.  But to achieve this they need to supplement their technical skills with business skills, in particular customer and economic skills.


At Red Kite, we combine a science and technology background, with over 25 years experience helping to build successful businesses.  We have evaluated the business potential of new technologies.  We have uncovered what customers actually want.  And we have worked out how to make profits from it.


Many times we have acted as 'translator' between technologists with a good idea and the business executives or investors that can turn them into profitable business reality.  

Can we help you to achieve this too?

How we help Businesses to get value from their Technology

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What really matters to your customers?  

Business value starts with customers, and understanding customers is the most vital ingredient for any successful business.  We can help you to see the world from their point-of-view, working with specialist researchers if necessary.  This enables you to understand their needs, their attitudes, and hence what they are likely to buy and how much they might be willing to pay.


How do they buy?

Understanding your customers' buying processes is another vital ingredient.  Different customers buy in different ways, but too many businesses focus on their own selling process, not on how customers prefer to buy.


Where can you actually make money?

We can help you to un-pick your revenues and costs, to get away from averages and understand exactly how much each sale contributes to profit.  We call this 'segmented profitability'.  Very often, we uncover insights on where a change in focus – by product or channel for example – can deliver a massive improvement in profit.


How should we go to market?

We can help you define your marketing strategy, identifying the most effective messages to get to potential customers, and the most efficient methods to get them noticed.

We can also guide your distribution strategy.  Should you sell direct, or via partners?  Which partners will work positively with you and what deal should you offer to them?


What team do we need to support this?

We can help to identify which capabilities and skills will be critical for your success, how to fill the gaps, and how to organise all the pieces so they all work together for success.


Need a robust vision and strategy for your business?

We can help you consider wide-ranging scenarios of how business, technology, social and environmental factors interweave in the future.  By considering these alternative futures and the impact on your business, we can help you develop a vision and strategy for your organisation that is more robust over the long-term.  

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"The Group’s strength in technology and relationships with customers [as defined by our strategy work with them] gives confidence for the forthcoming year and beyond."


  – Consumer electronics PLC, 3 years after our strategy work with them and having doubled their sales and profits

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