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How we Help

Red Kite Enterprise and Environment was founded to help businesses to gain value from their technology, and to help the business world to work more effectively with the environmental issues.


Unlike some other consulting firms, we don't have a large team of junior staff.  Instead, we have a small number of senior experts, each with several years of director or partner level experience.


We work alongside business leaders and their teams to support them in the most efficient way possible.  

This can include:


  •   A focused piece of research or analysis on a particularly tricky issue

  •   Helping you take an external perspective and so communicate better with customers or investors

  •   Reviewing work in progress to provide constructive and value-adding feedback

  •   Coaching you and your team to resolve an issue and simultaneously improve your skills base

"Many thanks!" (for advice on using environmental topics to drive a more innovative, empowered culture)


 – Chief Executive, Consumer products manufacturer

What is your toughest

business problem?

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Specialist Subjects

Focus areas of our consulting expertise...

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How to identify your best strategy and your financial potential

What matters to your customers and how to maximise profit

Plan for implementation, align your organisation and deliver results

Structuring pricing and offers to maximise long-term profit

Getting the most business value from your technology

Finding business value in environmental threats and opportunities

You want top quality support, but don’t have much cash. We can help.

Good technology is a great foundation for a business.  But technical experts can struggle to make good connection with potential customers, or to gain the full economic potential from their technology.


We help them to bring the 3 critical skills together, to design and build a businss approach that is profitable and investable.


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